Core Values

The DNA of Virginia MetalFab

At Virginia MetalFab, our Defining Natural Attributes (or what we like to refer to as our DNA) guide us in how we conduct our business, treat one another, and strive for excellence. We desire to always keep these truths at the forefront of our business. They remind us about who we are as a company and to always work towards the bigger picture.

Our Mission

To provide career development for all our people, showing them God’s love and caring for everyone we interact with.

Our Vision

Our people are our strength. We focus on the betterment of the individual. Our goal is that everyone who leaves our care is a better person, with more to offer the community than when they joined us.

We do our best to demonstrate to the business community that companies can operate using Biblical principles and consistently post above-average industry benchmarks.

When there are needs within our community, we will be there to offer a helping hand through giving of our time and resources.

Our Guiding Principles

We will have a clear and compelling vision, embodied within a sustainable business model, which fosters personal growth.

We will share our vision with all our people consistently and with clarity and give recognition to those who live it out daily.

Growth and agility are fundamental to our culture.

We embrace and accept change as a constant in our lives.

We value and nurture the individual, recognizing that attitude and capacity are often more important than experience.

We listen to and treat people superbly and compensate them fairly.

We acknowledge that mistakes are an inevitable aspect of growth, and we learn from our experiences.

We find creative ways to use the resources we currently have at our disposal.

We enthusiastically give our very best to the team, putting our relationship with others first.

We humbly celebrate our victories together.