Who We Are In The Metal Fabrication Industry

Virginia MetalFab started in 2010, quickly becoming a leader within the metal fabrication industry. We’re driven by a sincere dedication to give our community, our employees and our customers the best possible versions of ourselves and to communicate with complete honesty. We believe in on-time deliveries, fair price points, and using state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that you are getting the best quality for the right price.

When you work with us, we consider it an honor. We know you have an important project and a deadline to meet, so we do not take that lightly. VMF is able to come alongside to fit within your organization’s workflow in order to produce quality parts/assemblies within your timeframe. Our desire is that our customers will always look at us as their partner. A company that will go the extra mile in order to help them succeed. That is how we define our success: Your success.

What VMF Offers For Your Metal Fabrication Needs


We believe customer service is as important as the products and services we deliver. We value the customer's opinion and believe that honesty is the best policy. The customer comes first.


Since 2010, we have done everything from custom metal fabrication projects for individuals to large assemblies and production runs. We continue to grow, learn and improve upon our methods so that our customers receive their products on time and at the highest level of quality.


We are family owned and base our values off our Christian faith. We strive to provide a positive atmosphere for our employees and the tools for them to prosper within the company. We are as strong as our people, promoting teamwork and innovation.

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