Precision Laser Cutting

Our fiber laser cutting services produce the finest precision-shaped parts anywhere. Our state-of-the-art fiber laser takes sheet metal and turn it into the expertly made products or parts that you need. Operating at high speeds with high repeatability, we can get whatever job you need finished quickly. Additionally, high levels of optimized automation enable a lightly manned operation that guarantees high quality and competitive production value. Our staff are well-equipped to run the machines while also maintaining safety and eliminating errors and setbacks.

Our advanced laser nesting software is the latest in manufacturing computing. It allows us to utilize the tightest nests available and make the most of the material that we have. We can input the designs that we receive, and we know that our fine-tuned fiber laser will produce a quality product. Using the best technology available, we are able to produce powerful and exact cuts in sheet metal to fit your needs. This also allows us to fabricate products using materials that other lasers cannot cut, such as copper and brass. In tandem with our other machinery, our fiber laser is capable of giving shape to even the most complex designs.

Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about what our machinery can accomplish. They work hard with our fiber laser cutters to give life to whatever project you need. It’s in our DNA to always be improving and pushing forward to success, so we are committed to ensuring your full satisfaction with our laser cutting services. If you have a metal fabrication project that needs doing, we’re up to the challenge with competitive pricing in the Appomattox area.

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