Powder Coating Finishing Services

Powder coating has become a primary finishing method, and it’s what we use to make our customer’s products stand out. Powder coating is the process of adding a layer of dry powder, usually a type of plastic or polymer, to a product. This is done using electrostatic technology and heat or UV lighting. It gives the product a smooth, thick, tough, durable, and long-lasting finish that is scratch- and age-resistant. Furthermore, powder coating is not liquid-based, so it removes the need for an evaporating solvent. It also eliminates the dripping and flow issues that come with conventional paint.

Do you want your project to look clean and professional? Do you want to accentuate the beauty and functionality of the design? Look no further than our powder coating services. This process also allows us to add a touch of flair to your product using various colors and the ability to layer or mix colors. It can achieve various desirable effects and make your product look and feel perfectly formed and finished. Furthermore, this method is more environmentally friendly than other coatings, as it gives off no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This reduces the risk of pollution and promotes environmental well-being along with the well-being of those who handle or use the product.

As the finishing touch to your project, this isn’t about adding a cheap veneer. It’s about adding a layer of protection and beauty that will last for a long time, like a stain or sealant on wood. It adds value and reliability to the product. Allow us to add a beautiful, durable finish to your product in our Gema full-service batch powder coating system. We stock hundreds of colors in a variety of finishes for all materials. You’ll have plenty of amazing, customizable options to choose from.

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