Announcement! BLM Group Tube Laser

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our equipment lineup at Virginia MetalFab, the BLM Group LT8 Tube Laser! This reliable and versatile machine enhances our capabilities and allows us to provide even more precise and efficient laser-cutting services to our valued customers.


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Virginia MetalFab has been in the metal fabrication industry since 2002, always striving to offer quality products in a timely manner for our customers. But it has always been about a lot more than just that for us. We believe that in order to provide such a quality service we must always be striving for excellence on a personal level, being involved in and contributing to our community, and working toward the success of our customers.

We offer a variety of services for metal fabrication projects, such as fiber laser cutting, sheet metal forming, high processing punch presses, precise welding, and powder coating to give all of your products that clean finished look. In order to ensure that our customers are receiving the best work quality, we invest in using state-of-the-art equipment, such as our Amada Press Brakes and Amada Turret Punch Press.

We have a wealth of experience but what we also offer is intentionality, professionalism, and a partnership with our customers. Having a number of different services allows us to be able to assist our customers on multiple platforms in order to bring projects to life. For us, it all comes down to making sure our customers walk away feeling satisfied, knowing that they had a partner who cared just as deeply as they did about their project being of the highest quality and received on time.

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VMF has grown since we started working with them over 8 years ago. The quality and workmanship of VMF have proven they are one of our best vendors. Reliable, on time, and willingness to work with you on scheduling.  

Brian Helm | Stadco

Absolutely have loved working with VMF and the team!

Luke Markey | ShieldCo

VMF is very prompt, thorough and attentive to AHE's needs and requests. I look forward to longstanding business relationship with some great people and a great company.

Brian | Accredited Home Elevator

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