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Guiding Principles

“We find creative ways to use the resources we currently have at our disposal.”


Executive Team

Yesterday the title of the message at church was “Better Together.” As I sat there listening, I thought, “Wow, how true that has been for us this past month. When things really slowed down, many of you made adjustments to the amount of hours you put it. When we have been short handed in departments, many of you jumped in and helped. When people were out sick or on vacation, or like me, stranded in AL. Many of you crossed lines of responsibility and helped get the job done. Has it been easy? Nope. But it has been successful and I would say that is what really counts. Like I said at Burgers & Cake last month. “We are a business family, and when healthy family’s run into challenging times, they pull together and help each other through the crisis.” So honored to serve with each of you in this family. 

-Ron, CEO

Our finances are still healthy though we’ve had some slow sales lately. One thing has made a huge difference this time around is the way people have volunteered to work less hours and how much healthier we are financially than a year or two ago. Looking back two years from this time, we were paying around $1,700 just in interest each month on our line of credit. Just this year alone we’ve freed up over $3,500 a month in debt payments and though they may seem like small amounts when we’re shipping out $500k on a month, they do add up and make the difference of us being able to weather a storm instead of sinking further into debt. We have not taken on more debt since COVID started and like Ron referenced, everyone working together is making the difference. Thank you, all of you, for your part in making this company healthier.

-Mike  Finance Manager


Big thanks to each of you who helped in other areas last week especially as we were missing a bunch of people and having machines broke down. That was a huge help! Without even thinking hard about it I can think of at least 10 of you guys who jumped in and helped other depts & people out. And Im sure there was more. Thanks much!

-Chad  Production Manager