Laser Cutting 

Our State of the Art fiber laser cutting system & automation place us on the 'cutting edge' of the laser cutting & fabrication industry. This high speed, high repeatability cutting system allows us to cut better parts, & do it faster. Integrated automation allows for 'lights out' & lightly manned operation. Our nesting software allows the tightest nests available for the best material utilization. New fiber laser technology also allows us to cut materials that most laser cannot process, such as copper, & brass.


Our Amada Press Brakes feature State-of-the-Art forming sytems to help eliminate setups & reworks using the latest in press brake technology. High repeatibility, & features such as on screen forming animations, & precision ground quick change tooling, help ensure parts are produced quickly & accurately.


Our Amada Turret Punch Press is leading the way in sheet metal fabrication. 5' x 13' sheet processing capabilities and fully automated loading system, we are able to produce more jobs faster and better than our competition. The punch press is able to cut sheets up to .250" thick while still maintaining a clean edge. 

Welding & Fabrication

Our welding & fabrication shop is able to handle a wide variety of jobs.  4 - MIG welding stations, 4 - TIG welding stations, Sheet roll former, 3 axis CNC trak mill, cold cut shop saw, Haeger hardware insertion, tap & drill table, Stainless & Aluminum grain finishing tools, Costa grinding & finishing machine, Tig brush passivation machine, & DA finishing tools. With our team of expert fabricators, we are ready to make your next job a success. 


Powder coating has become a primary finishing method replacing liquid paint, anodizing and in some cases, plating. Allow us to add a beautiful, durable finish to your product in our Nordson full service batch powder coating system. We stock hundreds of colors in a variety of finishes for all materials.

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