In 2011 Thomasville Furniture closed its doors and left a hole in the community of Appomattox, VA. Come back to the place where it all began and see how Virginia MetalFab is moving forward. Take a tour and learn about the metal manufacturing industry. We look forward to seeing you! 


Governor Youngkin

We are thrilled to have Governor Youngkin come out and join us for our open house. He will be speaking at 10 am and talking more about what this move will mean for the town of Appomattox.  

In The Beginning

We were founded in 2002 to provide the equine industry with high-quality manufactured and customized products. Since then we have diversified to provide fabrication and manufacturing services to companies in a wide range of industries.

Making Moves

Today we manufacture metal parts and assemblies for a wide range of industry leaders in the energy, utilities, transportation, and technology industries. This expansion into broader markets has given us the opportunity to grow to where we are today. We are excited about this move into the Thomasville Building and what it will mean for this community as we continue to grow.