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    How we keep costs & energy consumption lower though technology

At Virginia Metalfab our dedication to state of the art machinery has been a a large part of what has enabled us to become a leader in laser cutting & fabrication.

Fiber laser Cutting

Boasting energy efficiencies of as little as 30% of what older technologies require & processing times 2-300% faster, Our fiber laser helped us reduce overhead & operating costs while increasing throughput & opening up capacity. Fitting our laser with an automated sheet load/unload system has enabled us to run 'lights out', or unmanned, further eliminating cost & increasing productivity. This state of the art technology does not require laser generating gases typically required for conventional Co2 laser systems, but generates the laser through use of LED banks. This system is able to deliver a more consistent & concentrated beam, which also results in processing speeds 2-300% of conventional laser speeds. We also gain additional processing capabilities Co2 laser systems are unable to handle. These include cutting of materials like brass, copper, & titanium. A smaller beam also results in a much smaller heat affected zone for parts with intricate details.

Press Brake Forming

In addition to our laser we completed intallation of am 8-axis cnc press brake. This servo/hydraulic machine uses electric servos in tandem with conventional hydraulic sytems to increase energy efficiency. High speed ram movements & high repeatability (as low as .0005") enable us to hold very tight tolerances required by many of our customers with minimal or no setup parts. 

Increased shop floor efficiency, better sheet yields, minimal reworks.

The use of the latest in software has also helped us gain a competitive edge. Upgrades to our nesting software & the addition of offline press brake software has yielded lower costs & better throughput on the floor. The addition of offline press brake programming helps us take the setup time off the shop floor & increases our machine throughput. This method gives our operators all the information they need to setup jobs quickly & accurately. A 3d view of the part on the screen helps to eleiminate parts being mistakenly formed backwards or inside out.  



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Learn how we have reduced energy consumption & costs through technology  

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