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      Our State of the Art fiber laser cutting system & automation place us on the 'cutting edge' of the laser cutting & fabrication industry. This high speed, high repeatability cutting system allows us to cut better parts, & do it faster. Integrated automation allows for 'lights out' & lightly manned operation. Our nesting software allows the tightest nests available for the best material utilization. New fiber laser technology also allows us to cut materials that most laser cannot process, such as copper, & brass.

High speed laser cutting
Cutting tolerances as low as .001" (upon request)
Positioning accuracy to 0.0004"
Lights out automated operation
5' x 10' cutting envelope
High Density Nesting Software
High quality nitrogen cut edges
Faster cutting = shorter lead times
Eco-Friendly Green Manufacturing

Materials we can Process:
.625" Mild Steel
.394" Stainless
.315" Aluminum
.157" Copper
.197" Brass

& More

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